Dog Exercise Field Chesterfield

With the increase in dog thefts, exercising your dog in our secure paddock is a safer way to to let your dog relax and blow off some steam! 

We have state of the art on site security to ensure you and your dog are safe.

Come and take your dog for a run and some free time play in the secure free run paddock several times a day or more if required for really energetic guests!

Ideal for recall training in a safe controlled environment

On site free parking, on site grooming if a wash and brush up is needed!

Call us on 07775 926495 or Click the Button

Dogs Need Playtime, not just walks!

We believe playtime helps keep your dogs healthy, playtime gives your dog a healthy appetite, keeps the mind sharp and focused, it’s a great way to relieve stress.

Playtime is a good time to get your dogs brain working– they love attention from humans and they love challenges. Dogs play games in which they have to figure things out using their brains. If someone throws them a ball, they have to decide to go get it… and then bring it back, maybe? 

The free run paddock is ideal for all dogs whether they prefer a gentle roam with lots of sniffing, or a crazy half an hour running round and chasing balls!

Dog Exercise Field in Chesterfield

Our Free Run Paddock